Over five years, writer-director James DeMonaco blew out the scale of the home invasion thriller from the confines of one setting to capture its fictionalized American landscape writ large: A loony tune dystopian hellscape where everyday folk, from friends and neighbors to complete strangers, dress up and massacre one another as a form of extreme stress relief for a 12 hour period, as mandated by the United States government.

In 2013’s The Purge, Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey protected their family from sadistic 20-something elites. The sequels, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year took to the streets, Frank Grillo doling out violent justice at the business end of a machine gun. This year’s prequel film, The First Purge, revved the engines just before the franchise’s first TV venture: USA’s The Purge, which wraps up its first season on November 6th.

After spending the season watching The Purge’s seemingly unrelated characters rounded up into the same space, we finally get to see why.

[Ed. note: spoilers for the finale of The Purge.]

Each of them, from wealthy married couple Jenna (Hannah Anderson) and Rick (Colin Woodell), to ex-Purge cult member Penelope (Jessica Garza), to high powered financier Jane (Amanda Warren), has in some way offended Joe (Lee Tergesen), an enigmatic man in an iron mask, self-tasked with rescuing people from Purging simply so he can Purge them himself.

With another Purge movie…

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