Your stats in Red Dead Redemption 2 work very differently than you may be used to from other games. Getting a handle on this system, and learning the most efficient way to beat it, will give you a huge advantage in the game.

Your Health, Stamina and Dead Eye stats each have a Ring and a Core. The state of the Core determines how quickly the Ring regenerates, but the Core also acts as an emergency reserve for the stat when your ring is fully depleted. If your Dead Eye Ring depletes, continuing to use Dead Eye without replenishing the Ring will drain the Core. You cannot use Dead Eye when your Core and Ring are completely drained.

Taking damage works the same way: Your Health Ring is depleted first, then you can take a few more hits that will drain your Health Core. Your Health and Stamina will regenerate faster when your Core is full, and aiming in Dead Eye is more precise when the Dead Eye Core is full.

Each icon is entirely white when the Core is full, and it turns gray as it’s drained. Each Core will drain on its own over time, while you drain your Dead Eye Core and Ring by actively using the skill.

Depleted Cores can be refilled by eating different things you find or buy around the game’s world, but it’s much easier to buff your character with gold Cores. Golden Cores relieve much of the burden of managing your various stats. They won’t degrade for 24 in-game hours, unless you take too much damage or try to…

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