Pokémon: Let’s Go! stays largely faithful to the original Red, Blue, and Yellow — with some noted twists — but its historical nods to the series stretch even farther back. The game’s latest trailer, likely the last ahead of launch, reveals that the trainers Red and Blue appear, joined by fellow trainer Green for the first time.

Red and Blue are canonical Pokémon masters of the Kanto region, with Blue standing as the most familiar to fans. Otherwise known as Gary Oak, he’s the grandson of Professor Oak and one of the strongest trainers players fight against in the first-gen games. Meanwhile, Red is the default name for the character that players assume in Red/Blue/Yellow, but he also shows up as a rival trainer in Silver/Gold/Crystal. He’s the toughest trainer a player will face in the second generation, and usually the last challenge players undertake before finishing the game.

Green, meanwhile, has been seen far less often. We had the option to play as her in FireRed and LeafGreen, the remakes of gen one for Game Boy Advance; other than being the female trainer option, however, Green (or Leaf) has never had a separate role in the canon.

That appears to have changed as of Let’s Go!, with Blue resuming his typical role of secondary rival and Red also showing up to fight. As for what Green is up to? That remains a mystery. But having all three around in Kanto is a milestone for the series, which has never…

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