Onsen’s minimalist towels were already the our go-to, but to be Uncrate’s true bathroom staple of choice we had to get our hands on them and turn them to the dark side, at least for their hue. Available completely blacked out for this limited and exclusive release with Uncrate, the key to this obsessively designed towel set isn’t what Onsen added, but rather what they eliminated. Ordinary bath towels go through a chemical bathing process so that they feel soft and fluffy, at least at first. Not our Onsen Towel Set. Instead of short-lived softness that washes away, Onsen relies on premium materials like America-grown Supima cotton and traditional techniques. That means no chemical processes. Bypassing these common treatments eliminates the artificial fluff, resulting instead in a naturally plush surface that just gets better and better, making this quite possibly the last towel set you’ll need.

Bath Towel: 31″ x 57″ / Hand Towel: 14″ X 33″ / Face Towel: 14″ x 14″

In stock and ships free with easy returns.

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