In the second episode of Netflix’s She-Ra, our hero Adora sees a horse for the first time and promptly loses her dang mind.

The Horde’s competent Force Captain, the chosen wielder of a legendary sword, blushes and gushes over this magnificent beast. When she finally pets his velvety nose, the background drops away, leaving them in a swirling void of pink and sparkles.

The scene isn’t just hilarious, says showrunner Noelle Stevenson, but was also a way of conveying a key insight into Adora’s character.

“In the original show, Adora already had a horse when she was in the Horde and that was the horse that eventually turned into Swift Wind,” Stevenson said. But when plotting the reboot, that didn’t sit right with her. “None of the other soldiers have horses, but she does. So it made sense to me that she would meet the horse who would become Swift Wind somewhere outside the Horde.”

It was a reasonable choice that spiraled into horse girl madness.

It’s a recess thing

If you’re not a horse girl, this scene might be an educational revelation. Horse girls are those young kids who get obsessed with horses. You know the ones. They read books about them (The Saddle Club series, Misty of Chincoteague), watch movies (Black Beauty … and again, The Saddle Club series), and play horse games at recess. NPR did a short podcast about the phenomenon, and most of the participants said the appeal of horses was the…

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