There are an ungainly amount of hats in Red Dead Redemption 2. The vast majority of them can just be purchased at stores or crafted at the local Trapper. But there’s a small handful of special hats and masks that are in a category all their own. They’re listed as “Found,” and unlike stolen hats, these will be permanently added to your clothing collection once you uncover them. Here are all of the secret hats and masks we know about so far.

If you’re having a tough time tracking them down, be sure to follow along with the video above, which will walk you through all of the steps and show you all of the hats.

Tricorn Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

You’ll want a boat or a very strong horse, since this one is located on an island. Once there, look for a shipwreck. The Revolutionary War-era hat will be located in the back of the ship.

Miner’s Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

Once you read the spot above, look for an entrance to a mine. You’ll want to bring a lantern with you. Once inside, hit the plunger to explode some rocks in the mine and crawl through the hole. Bear right and you’ll find a room with the miner’s hat and a unique knife. And yes, the miner’s hat makes its own light!

Pagan Skull Mask


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