Multiple Fallout 76 gamers have received lifetime bans from the game, following a harassment incident littered with homophobic slurs that went viral over social media.

As reported by Eurogamer, Bethesda Softworks originally handed out a three-day suspension to at least one player, shown in the Twitter video, a day after Fallout 76’s Nov. 14 launch. As the ringleader of a group of harassers, he peppered the target with things like, “We have come to eliminate all gays,” and anti-gay epithets. Later on in the game, the group tracked down the three players, ambushed and killed them — even though in Fallout 76’s PvP, another player’s attacks only do minor damage if fire is not returned.

One of the players attacked posted these two videos on the night of Nov. 15, calling Bethesda Softworks’ attention to them. Warning: Offensive language in the audio.

The person identified as the primary instigator told Eurogamer that he was a high school senior, and that Bethesda initially gave him only a three-day ban. (He also uploaded video capture from his perspective to his YouTube, entitled “Cleansing of the queers.”) He expressed no remorse for his behavior but insisted, “I don’t hate gay people.”

“It was just a late night of having fun and after the first encounter (seen on my channel) we felt it would be fun to offend them somehow,” he said. “You can call that evil, but I think it’s just playful…

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