When you’re playing a highly competitive game online or just a casual game session with your friends, the right gaming mouse can make or break your game. Sure you love your headsets and your gaming keyboards, but the right mouse can give you the edge that you need to win. Bloody Gaming recently launched its all-new Signature Pro (SP) series of high-performance Optic-ALL gaming mice and they are packed with everything you need to gain a competitive edge and only what you need to win.

Great Design, Great Features

The Signature Pro series has a sleek design that’s reminiscent of a small tabletop stealth fighter and they have technology inside to match that aesthetic. These mice feature Bloody’s Light Strike (LK) optical switches in the L/R trigger buttons and a Light Strike scroll wheel sensor for scrolling smooth as butter. This is important because LK optical switches have a crazy fast response time of 0.02ms and are good for 50M+ clicks.

Sleek design
Smooth and precise tracking
Good customization

Not for gamers who want tons of excessive features

The idea here is to keep it simple. There are no gimmicks or overly-engineered designs here. Just proven ergonomic designs with the right curves for various grip styles. Simple and effective. Ultimately that simple strategy is what wins you games with your gaming peripherals.

Other features of the Signature Pro series include a Metal X Glide Armor Boot for smooth and precise AF tracking no matter what surface you are…

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