Anthem lead producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving led a stream of the upcoming game on Anthem’s official Twitch channel late last week, during which the two spent about 45 minutes flying through the game’s open world, engaging in events and fighting off hordes of enemies. While plenty of the game is still a work in progress — including some icons displayed on the stream — the stream did show off a lot of new stuff for Anthem fans to get excited about.

We combed through the gameplay and found quite a few details about the game we didn’t know before — or that the stream helped flesh out. So we’ve put together a list of everything we learned from this developer gameplay.

It’s role-based

We knew that each Javelin, Anthem’s mech suits, had particular strengths, but it seems like that could play into a deeper type of role playing. Gamble — who played the Storm Javelin — stated that he was playing a support class. Irving’s Interceptor Javelin was also set to a melee build, which allowed him to deal heavy damage up close.

One of the more interesting parts of the demo happened only a few minutes in, when the two producers stumbled upon an event. Gamble started attacking an enemy with a shield, and stated that he had “aggro” — a common term in MMOs that refers to an enemies focus and who they’re attacking. When you take this combined with the Colossus’ Taunt ability, it seems that the idea of…

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